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Sirena Marine Denizcilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in November 2006 as a result of an agreement between Kıraça Holding and world-famous motor yacht manufacturer Azimut - Benetti Group. As the first mass yacht manufacturer in Turkey, Sirena Marine has manufactured over 300 yachts since 2006 and it has been developing global brands by incorporating renowned yacht designers with local manufacturing experience. Sirena Marine’s sailing boat the Azuree, which combines performance with comfort, and luxurious cruiser The Euphoria Yachts attract great attention across the world.

Founded as part of the agreement between Kıraça Holding and Italian Azimut - Benetti, Europe's third-largest boat manufacturer and a global leader in manufacturing motors and yachts over 24 meters, in order to carry out motor yacht manufacturing and marine activities, Sirena Marine first manufactured Azimut's 13.21 meter-long Azimut 42E. Sirena Marine has manufactured 119 boats, with 60% of the materials being local, between 2008 and 2011. It has completed this operation with its nearly 320 employees within a facility in an area of 5,750 m2 consisting of a testing pool and stock area, located in Kıraça Holding's Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. Since 2009, Sirena Marine has been mass-producing in Sirena Marine Factory located in Bursa Orhangazi within a total area of 155,000 m2 including a closed area of 35,000 m2.

Founded with the vision of creating global brands in Turkey and strengthening its collaboration with Azimut - Benetti Group with new projects, Sirena Marine broke ground by transforming its collaboration with the world giant into a partnership in 2008. As a result of this partnership that led Azimut - Benetti Group to manufacture for the first time outside Italy, Sirena Marine expanded its motor yacht manufacturing range and manufactured 30 Azimut 55 models between 2008 and 2011.

Sirena Marine

As part of another project developed with Azimut – Benetti Group, Sirena Marine started manufacturing of its internally-designed new products Azimut 38 and Azimut 40S in Sirena Marine Factory in June 2009. Today, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 60 boats, Azimut 38 and Azimut 40S are being exported all over the world. Since 2012, Magellano 43 is being manufactured in Sirena Marine Factory.

Sirena Marine is also the creator of the Azuree, Turkey's first mass-produced sailing boat. Azuree 33, Azuree 33C, Azuree 40 and Azuree 46 are being manufactured by Sirena Marine's design and engineering teams in collaboration with world-famous designers.

Launched in 2010, Azuree 40 was among the 5 finalist yachts in performance-cruiser category in the prestigious "European Yacht of the Year" awards, while the second model the Azuree 33 ranked among the top 50. During its global launch in Genoa International Boat Show, Azuree 33 received Barca dell'Anno (Yacht of the Year) award.

World premiered in 2013 Cannes Yachting Festival, the Azuree 46, which is the flagship of the Azuree range, carries the signature of world-renowned British designer Rob Humphreys. Like all models of the Azuree range, the Azuree 46 has CE A certificate of ocean-going yacht, and its interior was designed by the Sirena Marine Design Team.

Azure 33C, which was redesigned while retaining the award-winning Azure 33's characteristic chinned hull, was launched in CNR Eurasia Boat Show.

Sirena Marine started the brand and product development of the luxury yacht brand The Euphoria Yachts in 2012. The first model, The Euphoria 54 is an outstanding yacht developed by Sirena Marine in cooperation with the world-famous yacht designer Germán Frers. The Euphoria 54, whose interior design was made by Design Unlimited, world premiered in February 2014 in 2014 CNR Eurasia Boat Show. The Euphoria 54's luxury and comfort, easy handling by one or two people and ocean-going performance stand out as the hallmarks of Germán Frers designs.

Sirena Marine

The Euphoria 54 was showcased in September in 2014 Cannes Yachting Festival, where it attended a press conference with the participation of the world's most important yacht and boat editors. The first model of luxury cruiser the Euphoria Yachts, the Euphoria 54, just like Sirena Marine's award-winning brand the Azuree, was nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2015. The Euphoria 68, which is currently in production, was designed by Germán Frers. 68's interior design was again made by the Design Unlimited team. The Euphoria 68, whose production is ongoing, will be delivered in February 2016 to her owner.  

Luxury cruiser the Euphoria Yachts' third model, the Euphoria 84's design also carries the signature of German Frers as the other models of the range.

Sirena Marine has been manufacturing high-quality marine equipment and increasing its recognition level in the industry with the quality of its stainless steel, furniture, GRP, teak, electrical distribution boards and wire sets.

Today, as an IRIS certified leading manufacturer in the automotive and rail systems industry, Sirena Marine has extended its range of industries into rail systems, automotive, defense industry and construction equipment industries by producing composite and stainless parts besides its marine projects. Automotive and Rail Systems Directorate was established to use the know-how from marine projects in various industries and composite and stainless parts production was started for these industries.

In addition to its current manufacturing activities, Sirena Marine undertook the duties as Turkish Distributor for all product lines of Azimut-Benetti Group. Distributorship activities, which were initiated on a gradual basis, covering yachts between 39 and 70 feet at the first stage, was extended to cover all models of Azimut as of September 2009 and it continued until October 2014. In October 2014, as part of Azimut Turkey founded with the co-operation of Azimut Benetti and Sirena Marine, upon the acceptance of Ms. İpek Kıraç to play an active role in the management of Azimut Yachts Turkey, marketing activities are carried out to strengthen the brand image of Azimut Yachts as well as Azimut.

Sirena Marine is also the authorized provider of after sales and technical services for Azimut yachts in Turkey.

Sirena Marine’s sales office is located in Nişantaşı, while After Sales Services office is in Marintürk Istanbul City Port in Pendik. Sirena Marine set up a new office in Göcek to reinforce sales and after sales services. Extending its service network, Sirena Marine has been continuing its search for offices in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Proving its success within a short time through its sense of manufacturing focused on customer satisfaction, its manufacturing capacity and its quality, Sirena Marine will continue to expand its field of activities through various investments in the future periods.

Sirena Marine